Ongoing Board Participation

The Athletic Boosters Club is always looking for parents to join our fun and dedicated team!!  We welcome new ideas and believe the more parent involvement the stronger we are.

We have a full board for our current school year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need help! We have many projects that we could complete if we have more volunteers from our student athlete parent community who will help.  We are only limited in what we can accomplish by the number of eyes and hands we can engage in the process. Here’s an example of the contributions we commit to completing each year:

  • Dinner and Auction – our biggest fundraiser. We need leaders for many of our auction activities.
  • Membership Sales – our second biggest fundraiser.  Most of the activity takes place at the beginning of the school year during Knight’s Day (formerly Tri-S) and when parents ramp up in support of fall teams.
  • Merchandise Sales – a nice fundraiser that makes all the great SWAG available to our Boosters supporters.
  • Scholarships – we provide 2 – $500 scholarships, awarded to a Senior girl and Senior boy based upon an essay application.

2020 Board Meetings

All meetings in Room 201 from 7:00-8:30 PM unless noted.

  • Monday, January 13
  • Monday, February 10
  • Monday, February 24 Auction Prep
  • Monday, March 16
  • Monday, April 13
  • Monday, May 11
  • Monday, June 8
Booster Board Positions

(3 hours/ week, more during Tri-S and Auction)

  • Attend and preside over monthly Boosters meetings
  • Attend annual budget meeting
  • Promote Boosters
  • Authorize payments of invoices
  • Answer emails/ phone calls
  • Conduct meetings with administration as required
  • Speak at various school functions as needed (Back to School, Open House, Team Parent Meetings, etc)
  • Provide general steering with auction
  • Work closely with Athletic Director
  • Contact Scholarship Review Committee, organize meeting, and present findings to Board and Athletic Director
  • Recruit/organize the many volunteers active in the Boosters process.

(2 hours/ week)

  • Attend monthly Boosters meetings
  • Attend annual budget meeting
  • Produce updated budget monthly
  • Authorize and payment of invoices
  • Process Corporate Matching Gifts
  • Work with Las Lomas Financial Technician with bills
  • Work with auction budget/ auction check out
  • Renew officer insurance
  • File as needed both tax return and retention of non-profit status
  • Work with auditor to complete annual audit

(2 hours/month)

  • Attend monthly Boosters meetings
  • Attend annual Budget meeting
  • Take minutes at each Boosters meeting
  • Add approved minutes to Boosters webpage
  • Keep binder of minutes, sign in sheet, agenda, treasurer report, and any other paperwork presented at meetings.
  • Bound the binder at year end and store for audit (in shed)

 (2 hours/ week, most activity from Tri-S in August through October)

  • Attend monthly Boosters meetings
  • Attend annual budget meeting
  • Work at Tri-S booth for memberships
  • Promote Boosters and benefits of membership
  • Have booth at beginnings of some seasons (Football, Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Wrestling)
  • Keep spreadsheet of paid members and forward to Athletic Director
  • Track membership for team stipends
  • Speak at Team Parent Meetings and other functions as needed from President

 (3 hours/month)

  • Attend monthly Boosters meetings
  • Attend annual budget meeting
  • Promote Boosters in eNews and eBoletin
  • Maintain Boosters website and FaceBook page
  • Additional articles when needed (auction)
  • Oversee Scholarship process:
    • Update form and align with current school year with due date based on turn around for Senior Awards Banquet.
    • Submit to Career Center
    • Work with President on coordinating Scholarship Review Committee
    • Promote in eNews, webpage, FaceBook, Senior webpage.

 (10 hours/ month Sept-Dec, 20 hours/ month  Jan-Feb)

  • Attend monthly Boosters meetings
  • Attend annual budget meeting
  • Organize auction committee
  • Conduct/Facilitate auction meetings and auction event (maintain data base and auction software, report back to Boosters meeting the progress, work closely with Treasurer, solicitation of committee members, and donations, etc)
  • Can be 2 people working together as Co-VPs for the Auction

 (6 hour/ month, increased during home football & basketball games)

  • Attend monthly Boosters meetings
  • Attend annual Budget meeting
  • Attend various LLHS sporting events to sell LL Boosters swag, including managing the money/checks and coordinating with Treasurer
  • Manage, order and maintain merchandise inventory

 (1-2 hours/ week)

Advertising is a substantial fundraising opportunity and offers advertising to our local community of many possible sponsors.

  • Organize advertising contracts.
  • Outreach to community merchants to provide information on advertising opportunities.
  • Accept and track payments from vendors and when needed pass payments and information to Treasurer.

 (2 hour/ month, increased during auction)

The purpose of the Booster Team Liaison is to serve as a link between the Boosters Board and each of the teams at Las Lomas.  The main function is to keep their respective team informed of Boosters activities as well as to pass onto the board any team issues relevant to Boosters.

  • Attend Boosters meetings & share team highlights
  • Attend annual budget meeting
  • Be informed and familiarize team families with the function of Boosters and athletic funding at Las Lomas
  • Encourage team families to become members of Boosters
  • Inform Boosters VP Membership of parent team meetings so that a Boosters board member may attend as appropriate
  • Promote Boosters and provide publicity about all Boosters events to the team
  • Auction: Work with the coach and team parent to organize and deliver a team basket or item for Boosters Dinner Auction

(4 hours/ month)

Each year our fund raising revolves around a specific need – either one big item like a scoreboard or trainer’s cart, or multiple smaller items aggregated to solve needs across a number of teams and activities.  This oversight person works with the Athletic Director, the Boosters Board and the auction process to steer our decisions in the funding process.

(seasonal – 4 hours/ month in spring)

Work with the Athletic Director and team coaches as necessary to assist in the delivery of sport camps for various popular sports.

 (4 hours/month) Proposed Position / Currently Unfilled

Outreach to the Las Lomas Alumni community to engage in the Boosters process.  Work closely with the LL Alumni association to coordinate/leverage activities.

(8 hours in April, May)

Our Boosters scholarship process recognizes a few outstanding students who best demonstrate the spirit of athletic commitment as an enrichment to their ambitions. Scholarship winners are announced by the Athletic Director at the Senior Awards ceremony near the end of the school year.

  • Ensure the message of the Boosters scholarship process is communicated broadly in advance of the due date for submissions
  • Collect applications from the school office
  • Organize and confirm the 3 persons needed as scholarship selection judges – usually our judges from the previous year are happy to help.
  • Organize time and place for judging activity – require max 2 hours of judges time
  • Prepare packets to scholarship selection committee and deliver to location in advance of judging
  • Provide names of scholarship winners to Boosters President

(appointed position, once a year at end of school year)

  • Audit Treasurer reports
  • Present findings to Boosters board and make recommendations