Las Lomas Athletic Boosters

A key component for the overall success of the Auction depends on each team’s donation baskets which are usually a highlight of the evening.  People look forward to these team sponsored items and appreciate the thought and creativity of these items!

Although not all sports programs are currently in session, we hope you will reach out to players, past and present, and families for their support as it is our goal to receive a donation from every team from every season.

donation ideas

Themed Baskets

Baskets filled with items like purchased--or donated--items OR entertainment/sporting tickets OR gift certificates, lodging, sports memorabilia OR hand crafted items.

Service Donation

Have the players put together a service donation like a car washing OR dog walking OR house cleaning OR "gourmet" lunch, dinner or BBQ.

Be creative and lets get the team to participate in working with the Las Lomas community to support the Las Lomas sports programs.  Baskets typically sell for $150 to $250, with some top value ones pulling in around $400.  Too many items for one basket?  Consider splitting them up into more than one – we find that multiple, lower priced baskets can pull in more for the program. Please note that all contributions are contributions are tax deductible And in case you were wondering or have forgotten… the money provides financial support to all of our LL Athletic Programs. The donation deadline is typically mid-February so please visit our Board page to find the current Teams Liaison (